Tuesday, February 5, 2008


* stolen from S!!

Monday, February 4, 2008


I am moving at home. Oy.

I now reside in a mostly empty gargantuan apartment. My books have taken up with the kitchen and there is only a multi colored string of holiday lights lighting the living room. And some piece of me loves the Andy Warhol-ish look of things around here. With the wind howling outside it even of feels like NY.

I am moving at work. Oy Oy.

Today was my final day with B's movie career. I completed my remaining mechanical files for Hong Kong, emailed the retoucher one last time. Then I said goodbye to B the Movie Star. And hello, B the Fashion Model!! That's right kids I'm moving teams to B's Sophisticated Savvy Style Team! Gosh I am so excited, I just might have to stop here for a quick cocktail (you know we keep it gassed up and ready to go for the employees)!!

I am moving my Spring trip to London. Oy Oy - Oy!!!

With all this moving it looks like London will be on hold for a bit. I am none too thrilled about this, but I have the sneaking suspicion there might be a master plan at work here. All this moving can't be without reason. I am certainly not bored!

ps * while not bored, a tad stressed isn't too far off the mark. none of my bloggy buddies have a beach house I can rent for super cheap, do they?