Friday, December 18, 2009


Does anyone else remember LOVE SPIT LOVE? I am digging deep here. It's up there with Angela Chase in my important memories of high school. I can see the CD cover as I tear off the snowman wrapping paper between classes in the Science Quad. It's 2 days before Christmas break 1994. The outdoor hallway is cold, gray and dreary (Northern CA is seriously dreary in the heart of Dec.) and I am wearing overalls and (obvs.) Doc Martens with a plaid shirt stolen from my Step Dad (fashion rocked in 1994 - what can I say?) Running for the parking lot and someone's car, ditching the rest of the day to drive around in the rain and argue the importance of algebra when music can make you feel like this!!

Somewhere along the way it got filed in the 1990's as I moved into the aughts. Until this morning when I decided to work on a holiday playlist. "Am I Wrong" started running laps in my head and then the rest of the nineties decided to show up the the party. I am going to work on this continually throughout the day, hence the title UPDATED. As a carry over from last night, we're starting with some classics. Happy Holidays!

xoxo, wee


1. "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay", OTIS REDDING
2. "Nightmoves", BOB SEGER
3. "Tired of Being Alone", AL GREEN
4. "Letter to Elise", THE CURE
5. "But Not Tonight", DEPECHE MODE
6. "Get Off This", CRACKER
7. "Hey Jealousy", GIN BLOSSOMS
8. "I Will Not Take These Things for Granted", TOAD THE WET SPROCKET
9. "Laid", JAMES
10. "Jane Says", Jane's Addiction
12. "Running Up that Hill", KATE BUSH
13. "Am I Wrong", LOVE SPIT LOVE

14. "Unbelievable", EMF
15. "Set Adrift on Memory Bliss", PM DAWN
16. "November Rain", GUNS N' ROSES
17. "Elegantly Wasted", INXS
18. "To Be with You", MR. BIG
19 "Far Behind", Candlebox
20. "Whose Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses?" U2
21. "MotownPhilly", BOYZ II MEN

22. "If You Go", John Secada
23. "Jealousy", Natalie Merchant
23. "The Promise", Tracy Chapman