Thursday, May 29, 2008


Best. Sushi. Ever.

Sit at the bar. Put yourself in Chef Yama's impeccable hands. Relax. Meet your neighbors. Delight at the descriptions the waitress gives for each dish. Order the perfect martini. Eat your little brains out!! Yay!

giant scallop, calm, cucumber with ponzu and 20k gold flake

japanese baby blue fin tuna that was only 10 hours old

halibut 2 ways: with black truffle / salt and lemon
* it is translucent since it was cut from a live fish - did I hear that right? is that even conceivable? hmm.

i cannot remember who lived here!

look at our neighbors face!

Chef Yama at work!

wee, cousin, 2 new friends from Japan

* ps - we had this awesome (martini fueled) discussion on the manhattan project, WWII and how history is taught. only I would attempt that kind of thinking...with 2 perfect strangers!


I love the word FROCK.

It is reminiscent of ladies who have custom tailored outfits and travel by boat. After creating my fabulous European apartment, I had to build a closet to go with it! Obviously this season I am rolling in grey and yellow, but the little black jacket makes a snappy return, as do pops of color for cocktail dresses.

* c/o net-a-porter


Things that fill my imaginary European apartment. I especially love the eclectic light fixtures and clever calendar/pencil thingie!


I am dying for this as an entry way

couldn't you just sit here everyday?

* thanks design sponge


don't you just want to fall inside this cloud bed?

* snapped from my doorway!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Even with the holiday it has been a mighty productive few days. Things (all kinds of things) are rolling my way and keeping daily life interesting. On Sat. I will be assisting on a photo shoot for l'uomo Vogue (Italian Men's Vogue)!! How's that for fabulous!?

I can't say who it is with - but it's big, like ROCK big. And unpaid, because, when does the fashion industry pay anyone to do anything? Which right now, is just fine. Because that means I am beholden to no one and getting to test drive candidates for the next chapter of my life.

More soon I am sure!!

xoxo, wee

Sunday, May 25, 2008


I can't stand it! Little Asian girls are the cutest of kids! Just look!!

* mc donalds restaurant - monrovia, ca


I feel like I am standing knee deep in the batter, clutching a spoon.

All around me things continue to unravel, change and surprise me. Friday after the funeral we had a late family dinner and like a scene from a movie, the waiter dumped an entire bowl of soup down my back and shoulder and into my purse. Then a second waiter brought out desserts for the table. He grinned when he laid down one spoon for me and my cousin and winked while proudly expounding that we could share...! I am not sure if I looked horrified or just burst out laughing, but I finally choked out that this was my cousin. My soup, dessert and drinks were comped.

This same cousin and I had dinner last night since he is still in town and Friday was the first time we had met! Again last night over the best sushi I have ever had (photos to come!), people thought we were romantically linked. What?! I happily report that he is contentedly married with 2 kids in St. Louis, MI.

And finally, (here's to hoping that yesterday was the end of one super crazy week) my ex-boss ran into my ex-boyfriend at a Memorial Day BBQ. They do not run in the same circles. They live on opposite sides of the city. She reported that he looked like he thought this party was supposed to be hipper. Yup, sounds like him.

xoxo, wee

Saturday, May 24, 2008



Recently both of my parents, independently had occasion to visit my house.

My Father walked in and whilst touring the kitchen (ha-ha) he pointed to my stove top and said, "What is all this? How do you cook with all that crap up there?" I responded that I have no counters anyway, so what did it matter that I made a David Hicks tablescape on my 6 inches of stove top?

My Mom walked in gestured at the stove and squealed, "Ohhh, I love all this!"


I have possibly just incurred the single shittiest week of my life. Okay, so perhaps the week I was finally diagnosed, alone in a hospital room with cancer was worse, but this one came close. I guess that is really saying something. I should start at the beginning, since that provides a bit of order to the chaos.

Monday morning I felt that I should call Mom. I got busy, had a couple meetings and she left me a voicemail. I snatched up the phone on my desk and speed dialed her back. She quietly informed me that Daddy Chet had died. He was my last Great Grandparent. I am nearly 30, which made him near to 100. He still lived in his own house and had a girlfriend! He was an amazing guy. I cried.

Later that day I took myself to the dentist. Things began to take a turn for the worst in earnest. I was here informed that my teeth are rotting out of my head, thanks in no small part to chemo and cancer - blah, blah. I cried again. I took my wounded pride (I heart my big, white, shiny teeth - damn it!) and temporary crowned tooth home.

Wednesday saw a 7am return to the dentist for more bad toothy news. As I laid there and cried some more, I felt the string of bad diagnosis conversations starting all over again. How can this be real - again!? I showed up at the office and tried to work it out. I tried not to stress about money. I tried not to explode into a rage over how crappy dental insurance is. I tried not to just throw my little hands up and say, "Fuck it. I quit." I wondered where I was going to find 5000.00

I churned over how I was unhappy and needed something to change. I should have remembered to be careful what I wished for. The 2 next things that occurred rocked me to my core. They also drove home that this is an intense period of change and decision making. The message being Clean Out Your Life!

I had a huge fight with my Father. Wednesday night I finally collapsed on my kitchen floor and just sobbed. Great loud heaving sobs of frustration and loneliness. I haven't felt that alone in a long time.

So welcome to Thursday. In a shocking turn of events I lost my job. I asked for a change and I got it. I didn't cry. I was damn elated in some ways. In the interest of exposing secrets and turning over new leaves and all that, I loved what I did at my job, but I was miserable doing it. I didn't fit. I knew this, my boss knew this, I am fairly certain even B knew it. By noon I was gone, having collected my coffee mug and misc files. I had just enough time to toss the stuff into my house before I was off to the Endodontist. Please, me done with the toofers!?

The first bright spots have started to appear. At this point I have to laugh. When I am running in the wrong direction things like this happen in my life. I get tossed under the bus just enough to remind me that a change in perspective can make all the difference. So bring it on.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Good morning. I just chewed up 1000.00 worth of your truck engine. Coffee?

* only in Sacto!!

Monday, May 5, 2008


my kitchen & the icarus light


when is the last time you enjoyed the grass so much?

* cat food and flea spray are on the grocery list


Okay, so I was bested by that pretty electric mixer below. Thoughts of it in my kitchen, made me whip up a batch of gooey oatmeal cookies on steroids.

recipe hunting!

everything I need


giant cookies need giant raisins!