Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I heart this little guy!

* the story

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Last Tuesday I was invited to the opening of a rather unique art show. It was a showcase of murals by LA Artist Kent Twitchell, that have been lost. The experience of standing next to a 70 ft. Steve McQueen is both humorous and humbling. Also lucky for me, Kent is super cool! He is a great artist role model and has a very grounded perspective on his work and what it means to be a "public" artist.

Read The Times review here.

the king of cool - Steve McQueen!

the muralist and his muse...his very BIG muse

it's paint by numbers

no, really. see?

the freeway lady

after being lost, work has started on the second version of her - in a new home

wee and the artist!

* LOOK Gallery @ LA Mart Design Center
thru Apr. 27, by appt. only


sometimes it is right next to you!