Thursday, January 24, 2008


Yes that is hail. From 3am at the beach. It was an interesting and sleepless night. Here's the run down, all this took place in one night, at one apartment (mine!): a roommate bomb explosion (I predict lots of fallout - goodie, more on this soon!), a hail storm, my neighbor lost his job, I kind of lost my mind and then we lost a tree.

Yes indeed that is some crazy weather we are having.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I must be as in shock as anyone over Heath Ledger. There are just some actors that you think have it all together. For me he was one of them. Burgeoning career, baby girl...the world at large at his finger tips. I was rudely alerted to his passing via an office mate who took it upon herself to shout above our cubes that he had died of a drug overdose. This was wrong and vile on more levels than I care to acknowledge.

Before we know anything, and above all, this was a human being, a man and a father. My heart goes out to his family. And he deserves better than media speculation, office gossip and rumors. May you go with grace to where it is you are going. I for one, am looking forward to your Joker, and wish that this was a joke on all of us.

Heath Ledger, April 4, 1979 - January 22, 2008


wait for it...and be happy!

Monday, January 21, 2008


More in the continuing how to series...Take one classic name, and replace with the equivalent surfer monkier!! Now this is all in jest, lest anyone believes I would name anything Hank. Unless it were a goldfish, because Hank the Fish is just awesome. But seriously people, how can you name a child Hawk and expect him to take anything seriously?! Or more importantly, expect anyone to take him seriously.

Michael / Marco
Benjamin / Blake
Christopher / Chad, Chase
Kevin / Kaden
David / Dane
Edward / Edge
Hank / Hawk
Jack / Jax
Patrick / Palmer
Ryan / Rafe
Samuel / Shep
Thomas / Tag, Tad

For girls sadly the destiny is not a model, but a stripper (ex. Beth / Brandi)

* please note this works for making soap actors too.


I love that blogger is going global and unveiling gobs of new languages for its users! In fact our middle east counter parts can now blog their little lives away...perhaps a bit too literally.

Maybe it is my own biased view of the mid east situation, but I cannot help thinking that this will ultimately produce more situations like Kareem. Are we right to impose our Western beliefs on the rest of the world, by simply giving them access?

Oy. I just made my brain hurt on my day off. Let's not talk female politics in Africa. I can't take it.

xoxo, wee

*ps - welcome Hebrew, Arabic and Persian (shouldn't we call it Farsi, eh blogger? wait, after some lite wiki-work I see that it should be Parsi (not the arabicized Farsi, I guess OG Persian has no "F"), and that sh*t, this is getting complicated. I should stick my Western foot back into it's shoe. There are no less than 13 dialects and variations of Persian (blogger did you translate all of these? good for you!) all with different names. I am sooo going back to watching Days of Our Lives... )!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


...and now John Galliano loses his ever (man) lovin' mind! Call me boring, but if you show up to take mama out in this? Call me, but don't call me.

just look at that V-neck...perfection

that's hot.

* thx jezebel

Monday, January 14, 2008

S.F. CIRCA 1995

* Dad, I can't even tell you what this CD meant to me, and that too, I suspect.


There are dreams and then there are those that make you sit straight up and suck in air. There are those that you try to hang on to, even after you know that this is a, dream. Each time the dream has been a harbinger of things to come. Sometimes however, it takes years. Yes, years.

I have had several life altering dreams. The first was in high school. I dreamed my own funeral. I watched it on a TV screen in a white room. Requisite of the time, all my high school friends were there, family of course, too. I don't remember most of it at this point, but I do remember that I was 25 (when I expired), and that my best friend Jenny was wearing a giant red floppy sun hat. Maybe that is why 25 was always such a marker in my life. I never told anyone about this, but then how does a teenager explain a dream, without sounding melodramatically crazy?

I got sick when I was 25. I think I half expected it. At least some life changing event, (universe, please note, there were other ways of getting my attention). At the same time (real time) came another friend who wears giant floppy sun hats. And I met her through getting sick. Go figure.

More recently I have started to have these in December, 2 years running. In 2006 I wrecked my car and got invited to open up to things, start over, in a dream. I have tried to live up to that, be open, take risks and long walks. In 2007 I dreamed of a magical flying boat. It went over land and cruised through NYC. We ended up flying over a cliff and floating into a field, where everyone on board then had a picnic! Cheers! Go flying boats and all.

I don't know what any of this means, but I am going to go with good things for 2008! And maybe finally learning the lessons from 2007. Resolutions are for sissies, I am sticking with dreams.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


What a great night! I never did get an accurate head count, but there was plenty of conversation, food to try and wine, wine, wine!! Basically it was like, the best family dinner ever! That is probably because it wasn't mine! J/K parents!

Thanks for letting me borrow yours J, for an evening. See it wasn't uncomfortable after all! Haha! Here's to dinner and drinks with friends forever!!

everybody eat!


all the ladies!

really? I don't get, any?

creme brulee spoon ready

there was nothing to!

this was much better, as J pointed out!

family shot!

thanks J's parents for dinner!!

* Magnolia, Hollywood


no photos!

* no! it's only J & J!!


Don't we look like a postcard? Can you believe I snapped this yesterday - in Jan? Oh the joys of ending your work week at 1 PM and going for a patio lunch!

* Hennessey's M.B.


Thanks everybody for the gracious support here, over at Fleshbot and in my inbox! Whew. It was a crazy week and all this press was rather unexpected, but most certainly welcomed.

I guess I will never be that far from cancer. It won't matter how long I've been healthy, my scars make sure I can't forget. I used to be so angry that I had been handed this type of cancer. Okay cancer, I've got you - but why not leukemia or lymphoma? Do you have to be BREAST CANCER? I think this was the first wave of anger that washed over me (ed. note: I was not angry at being sick, no time. I had to come out swinging), and in some ways the aftermath of that tidal wave has been the hardest recovery.

I can't hide that I had BREAST CANCER. There is no mistaking what these scars are from. The nerves won't regenerate. I will never feel all types of things again. I don't have the option of keeping this a secret from someone I date. I HATE THAT PART. I hate lots of parts, but I really hate that one. The normal progression of dating is thrown off. When do you say something? How do you say this something?

It leaves you wide open. It ratchets up the seriousness of everything and suddenly you are not just 2 people that are a few dates in, but someone who had cancer and blah, blah, blah...can you handle this? And BOOM the magic is gone, along with all the air in the room. Yeah, dating after cancer is like a vacation in a small land mine filled 3rd world nation.

Having cancer sucks (could that be the understatement of all time?), but you can beat it. These pictures are proof of that, the interview is honest support of that, this whole crazy blog proves that there is life afterwards! It just won't be one you recognize. And you will forever have cancer. Coming to terms with that is what separates the survivors from the rest of the pack.

My active cancer fight lasted 11 months. Initial rock finding treasure hunt was sometime in late June '04. Final port removal surgery May '05. If I were writing a book, I'd call it, "In the Year of the Pink".

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


The internet dubs me a gorgeously reconstructed hottie! Sweet! What a way to start Year 3 Post Cancer! Here's to porn, remission and new beginnings.

* is it wrong to post up hot pin-up photos of yourself on your own blog?

c/o fleshbot, dave nas and waitingroom - oh and Dr. Mary Powers too of course!


Thanks WAITING ROOM for the opportunity to share my story and for finally giving young, spunky cancer patients something to live for.

Rock on.

Monday, January 7, 2008


* from my office to we don't make this, thank God.

Sunday, January 6, 2008


where you go for breakfast...

Happy Birthday Lady!

* Sharkeez, M.B.


Included here are all the things you need for a few days in The Valley of the Grandparents:

canned soup

mad chinese food eating skills

countless games of UNO!

Louis and a trashy book

* christmas 2007