Monday, January 21, 2008


I love that blogger is going global and unveiling gobs of new languages for its users! In fact our middle east counter parts can now blog their little lives away...perhaps a bit too literally.

Maybe it is my own biased view of the mid east situation, but I cannot help thinking that this will ultimately produce more situations like Kareem. Are we right to impose our Western beliefs on the rest of the world, by simply giving them access?

Oy. I just made my brain hurt on my day off. Let's not talk female politics in Africa. I can't take it.

xoxo, wee

*ps - welcome Hebrew, Arabic and Persian (shouldn't we call it Farsi, eh blogger? wait, after some lite wiki-work I see that it should be Parsi (not the arabicized Farsi, I guess OG Persian has no "F"), and that sh*t, this is getting complicated. I should stick my Western foot back into it's shoe. There are no less than 13 dialects and variations of Persian (blogger did you translate all of these? good for you!) all with different names. I am sooo going back to watching Days of Our Lives... )!

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