Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Start of The Spice Girls Reunion Tour!!

who am I? Ballet Spice...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007



It's our biggest organ. It's also a canvas, and a flag. So much about us is revealed by our skin.

"Ever has it been that love does not know it's own depth, until our separation." That was just said on the TV show I am watching. Or something very close to that. What can I say, I am not a secretary.

What if it takes you nearly 10 months to acknowledge that you separated yourself from something pretty incredible? And then admit you were a bonehead because you got scared. Even after he said the single most perfect thing a man could say, that he's an ass man.

How do these 2 things make any sense together? His flag was an incredible fish inspired leg piece (that must be finished by now), and mine was a mask. My horoscope said today was the day for climbing trees.

So this is me, sitting out on a limb.

Monday, October 29, 2007


...I had not been such an impatient, impertinent child? Then instead of gazing longly at these photos from The Winger (yes, from the iphone commercial), I might actually be in them. Oh, to have not stamped my little ballet slipper shod foot and said, "This is boring", while rolling my wee blue eyes at my mother. Who then gladly canceled my very expensive dance lessons and let me thrash those little pink canvas slippers in the mud while playing games of make believe with my dolls - for free. Cheers to my thrifty Mom!

* thanks Wingers! I love the site!

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Fracture. Fragment. These are the words I would use to describe my brain function lately (outside of work). As an example, below I have listed all the great blog post titles I have come up with, that I just cannot seem to spin into full fledged thoughts. This is good stuff people! So here is my new thought. I need to be a bloggy art director. I will conjour up the titles and story lines and you little blog monkeys will craft the actual posts. I think this could work out famously.

1. BONEHEADED (reflections on a series of boneheaded moves I made earlier this year and the ramifications of those actions, yes it involves a boy. Of course it does)

2. COLD SNAP (thoughts on how fabulous it would be experiencing fall in London, while attending an MFA program and waiting for my Godson to arrive)

3. SOCIAL FUNK (my reflections on how the latest reshuffling of the players in my life is unfolding. Bonus - what I am working on manifesting next, a PIC!)

4. GROUPIES, GUPPIES, AND OTHER FAG HAG WORTHY TITLES (about how madly in love with my new co-workers I am)

5. FUTURE STATEMENTS VIA MY UNCONSCIOUS (a synopsis of the latest in an ongoing series of life altering dreams. This one involved a flying boat!!)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


You all knew it was only a matter of time! After work today I slipped over to the employee store and bought a B, in honor of my new job! Then obvs I had to hold a photo shoot, I mean seriously right. Thank you!

my favorite are her shoes! with their wee pom-poms!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


* from Saturday's hike!


Things on my desk:

8 lovely blondes (and one brunette - what up Erika!) that I greet each morning with a, "Hello Ladies. How was last night?"
tea mug

* life with Barbie is sweet


Everyone, meet my Godson! He does not officially have a name yet, but we are working on it. See you in February my little buddy!

he's already a thumb sucker!

* I am pushing for Oliver, quite British and yet unique!


Whee! We got a personal canal tour of London on a "live aboard"! Not many folks get to do this, privately anyway (we passed a number of water taxis and man those folks looked grumpy), so getting to see the backside of The London Zoo, Regents Park, and finally ending up at Camden Market made us feel like rock stars. Or maybe it was all that wine...

all aboard!

you have to have boots to come on this trip

the wine...

a wee boat

this boat looks very English (notice the bunny)

the big scary tunnel

where's the end?


thanks Captain C!


One roommate comes home and spends 2 hours on the treadmill. The other has waffles for dinner.

* PS bonus points if you know who caught last night's episode of The Hills online!

Monday, October 22, 2007


Lots of things on my mind lately. Someone special introduced me to this song and well, it's pretty. So as I sit here working through a glass of wine I have it on repeat and that's working for me. Now if I could just stop reminiscing, I could get some of my extra curricular work done! Go me and my jam packed schedule...

BTW in case you don't live in LA, you missed a spectacular sunset. With all the airborne detritus from the numerous fires, it makes the sky look like someone cut her open and poured her neon blood out, all over the ocean.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


During my internet surfing procrastination fest of this morning, something made me pull out my ear buds and spy. Yes, spy like the ex KGB agent I was born to be.

At first I thought I was hearing one half of a fight from a neighboring apartment. No dice, as there was never a second voice and when I thought about it, this was not a fight - more of a phone call with attitude. Also it was too quiet to be coming from inside the building. Time to set aside my mactop and slink over to the window.

No one in the pool. Courtyard deserted. All neighbors blinds open and showing no signs of anyone at home. Drat. After returning to the couch, the voice returned. I glanced to the window once more and Eureka! One building over trotting around the roof deck (side note - I wasn't aware this building had one) in a black t-shirt was Angry Phone Guy!

He sounds a bit like Paul Rudd, only angry and does that guy ever get angry? Of course I stealthily fished out the camera, cracked the front door and snap! I got him. Then I abandoned my ipod completely and tuned into the neighborhood pod cast of Playa Bachelors. He crabbed about a girl named Sacha and how you (guy on other end of phone) must have gotten drunk and told her, because he never did! "Makes me feel bad!", he lamented.

Yeah, I am sure you feel terrible. Come to think of it, he looked a bit like Brody Jenner...ah, my own private view of The Hills.


1. wake up

2. pee

3. make tea / breakfast (toasty pita with sliced herb chicken, guacamole, greek yogurt and hot sauce)

4. surf the internet while doing some good procrastination

5. find the best thing ever on The Scrabbled!

this was the song I thought of first! da da da...Becks!

* FYI this is how my nerdy brain works! I love the group effort and the crack use of technology!


Hard day, for no reason in particular, Justine thought as she readied for bed and changed clothes. She was tense, agitated and fidgeted circles in the carpet with her toes. The clock informed her that it was late and she should be getting on with the act of going to bed. And yet she still persisted in being awake.

The day had started out early and bright. An unexpected day off from working that she would use to complete various errands that seemed to never make it off the to-do list. By noon she had knocked most of them out. After lunch she briefly napped on the couch and woke up in her current agitated state. Again this was for no particular reason.

Perhaps it was the nap (she didn't take naps) that caused her uneasiness. Maybe it was her sixth sense working over time trying to warn her. Justine would never know. After shopping to quell her nerves, she was killed. A routine traffic accident that went (for her) terribly awry. However Justine went on unaware of her recent demise and continued to fight cross town traffic. She neglected to notice that she went on without her car. Funny things happen when you die.

She arrived for dinner with her oldest friend, only to find that she wasn't home. Justine slid back the window that never latched and let herself inside. Presently her friend arrived home talking on her mobile phone. She largely ignored Justine (which miffed Justine to no end, after all that traffic), while the dog nosed circles around her feet and whined. "Hey, Rufus. Stop." Only he didn't stop, he peed. That was when it began to dawn on Justine that all was not right with her world. She couldn't smell the dog pee even though she was standing in it.

Now that is no way to begin to realize you are dead. Via dog pee. Most people see their body and once recovered from the shock, are painfully aware their time on Earth is over. Quickly they ready themselves for the journey upstairs (hell by the way is a myth, while heaven, rest assured is not). Justine's journey would not be so easy. She passed out in the little puddle of dog pee.

Much later she awoke on the couch at her apartment. It was dark and even tough she had just slept most of the day, she decided to get ready for bed. That dream had really done a number on her brain. Only you and I know that what she perceived as a dream, sadly is not. Poor Justine, the dead cannot sleep. They can loose consciousness from shock or fright, but they cannot lay down and peacefully drift off to dream land. They cannot in fact dream either.

Caught between reality and what comes next is how Justine came to be pushing circles in the rug with her toe.

* someone should not be allowed to publish her late night creative writing ramblings...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Let's just say it hasn't been my strong suit lately. Mercury is retro-grading all over my life and making me nuts! I am jumping to conclusions, running off on dates with The Overshare, and generally slapping my forehead with the free hand that isn't clamped over my mouth.

So I beg your pardon, I am not usually a human Labrador Retriever! Ugg. I am locking myself in my new office and not coming out until this is all over.

Thank you, The Management


YAY!! Woo woo - this was the sign above my desk (it was personalized, but alas there was sensitive imagery that I cannot show you right next to it)! Boy am I excited!

thanks for the warm welcome J and D!


On Sunday we acted like grown-ups and had a dinner party! Thanks for hosting D! Happy Birthday S and S!

yes, yes we are

we heart bread!

Miss C made a mountain of a pie

this is what we call Birthday Cake...

even Yoda got in on the dessert action!

D's chocolate cheesecake!