Saturday, October 20, 2007


During my internet surfing procrastination fest of this morning, something made me pull out my ear buds and spy. Yes, spy like the ex KGB agent I was born to be.

At first I thought I was hearing one half of a fight from a neighboring apartment. No dice, as there was never a second voice and when I thought about it, this was not a fight - more of a phone call with attitude. Also it was too quiet to be coming from inside the building. Time to set aside my mactop and slink over to the window.

No one in the pool. Courtyard deserted. All neighbors blinds open and showing no signs of anyone at home. Drat. After returning to the couch, the voice returned. I glanced to the window once more and Eureka! One building over trotting around the roof deck (side note - I wasn't aware this building had one) in a black t-shirt was Angry Phone Guy!

He sounds a bit like Paul Rudd, only angry and does that guy ever get angry? Of course I stealthily fished out the camera, cracked the front door and snap! I got him. Then I abandoned my ipod completely and tuned into the neighborhood pod cast of Playa Bachelors. He crabbed about a girl named Sacha and how you (guy on other end of phone) must have gotten drunk and told her, because he never did! "Makes me feel bad!", he lamented.

Yeah, I am sure you feel terrible. Come to think of it, he looked a bit like Brody Jenner...ah, my own private view of The Hills.

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