Saturday, April 28, 2007



july '96
* we lost kitty early this morning, she was 15.


I loved you for so long, I just thought you'd always be here.

Friday, April 27, 2007


We had 2 new editions to the Office Toy Family today. To commemorate such a momentous occasion I corralled the rascals and held a photo shoot! Then Rustle had to go get involved...

all together now!

crazy uncle hector in his slippers

the proud parents

don't ask how they gave birth to a giant ceramic chicken, or a plastic potted cactus...

since I was so upset by the interference, I packed Rustle up in a box and shipped his ass to well, paradise obviously!

* happy Friday my office mates!!


The weekly round up of things over the top and worth a romp!


* thanks redacted!


best comments:
question "is it dishwasher safe?"
response "you want to wash it in the same spot you wash your dishes?"!!!

laughing so hard I am crying!

#20. What were the lyrics to Steve's poem at David's bachelor party?
The lyrics to Steve's instant classic titled an Ode to Silver from the series finale (10.25):

In fair Beverly Hills, a boy did reign,
Davey Silver was his name.
From far and wide, the girls did speed,
For they'd heard of Davey's bedroom deeds.

Donna Martin with golden hair,
Was the first into our David's lair.
Virgin we, the couple swore,
Till a girl name Ariel came through David's door.

Clare was next, then some fox named Malone,
Sophie and David took it all the way home.

Denise was fun, and Carole, too,
Claudia couldn't get a her green card,
That made poor Davey blue.

Don't forget Katie, the sex addict, she,
And Robyn who hated his radio personality.

Marta, the artist, wasn't she fun?
And Gina Kincaid, oh number one!

One stop was left, her name was Camille,
We thought it might last,
But come on guys - get real!

There was only one dame, her name's Donna,
She's fine, my God, Silver, it's about time.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


In honor of Cherny's Birthday, here is a list of other nuclear disasters from around the world. Good Times.

December 12, 1952
Chalk River, Toronto, Canada, reactor core is nearly demolished when technician opened valves, melting some uranium fuel and boiling coolant. First major reactor accident.

November 1955
Experimental breeder reactor near Idaho Falls, Idaho, partially melts down during a test. Operator error listed as cause.

October 1957
Fire burns 11 tons of uranium, kills 32 people at Windscale (later Sellafield) plutonium production reactor, on northwest England's coast. Britain's worst nuclear accident. Operator error and defective procedures said to be cause.

March 1958
Explosion at nuclear plant in Fyshtym, Soviet Union, devastates region for hundreds of square miles. Russian scientist said hundreds killed.

January 1961
SL1 reactor at Idaho Falls explodes, emitting extremely high levels of radiation. Three men killed instantly.

October 5, 1966
Partial meltdown of Enrico Fermi experimental breeder near Detroit. Reactor permanently disabled.

December 7, 1975
Fire at Lubmin nuclear power complex near Greifswald on the Baltic coast in former East Germany causes near meltdown.

March 28, 1979
Three Mile Island
Worst nuclear accident in U.S. history. Series of human and mechanical failures lead to partial meltdown at Three Mile Island plant near Middletown, Pennsylvania. Plant had opened just six months earlier.

April 26, 1986
Worst nuclear accident in world history. Explosion and fire at Chernobyl nuclear reactor near Kiev, Ukraine, spews radiation over much of Europe; 31 die instantly, hundreds of thousands affected.

March 24, 1992
Sosnovy Bor
Loss of pressure in reactor channel releases radioactive iodine and inert gases into atmosphere near St. Petersburg, Russia.

November 1995
Reactor accident leaks two to three tons of sodium from cooling system in Japan.

March 1997
Fire and explosion at state-run Power Reactor and Nuclear Fuel Development Corp. reprocessing plant at Tokaimura, Japan. At least 35 exposed to radiation.

September 30, 1999
Workers trigger nuclear reaction by mixing too much uranium into storage tank at JCO Co. reprocessing plant in Tokaimura, Japan. At least 55 exposed to radiation.

* amazed we still have a planet? yeah, me too.


Poor D-O-Double-G! He's gettin' the international lock out. Don't worry Snoop! Wee still love ya!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Rad offer alert!! Service won't start in LA until May 22, but I am ready. Skybus is offering the following deal:

10 seats for $10 each – on every flight! That’s right, each and every Skybus flight has a minimum of ten seats available for just ten dollars. It’s for real – but these seats go quickly, so be sure to book early and book often!

look at their super cute site!

* holy posts about planes, somebody needs a vacation!


snapped Dec '06 en route to Vancouver

* thanks j!


Life in Los Angeles wouldn't be complete without a ride on the breast band wagon. After living here for nearly a decade (next month!) I now consider myself an implant aficionado!

Seems like everyone is buzzing on boobs again. Friends who swore they never would - have, others who used to put them on display, now only see them as functional items for feeding the offspring of their biological clock. Ahh the breast game, so much fuss over things that, like one's appendix, we don't need. That makes sense it's Hollywood, the place that never needs for anything.

With silicone legal again, saline still around for those less adventurous breast enhancers, and of course the latest in boob wear - the adjustable series, our options are endless. But do your research!

First better things are coming - trust me, I have them and they rock. And second in this plastic city it's hard to see the breasts for the bullsh*t.


New buttons at prickie!

Check it for a first look at the girls of weetiny!


We are saved! We can all stop worrying about being green, recycling and taking care of this pesky planet. Thank goodness, since I was really over that whole having a conscience thing.

GLIESE to the rescue! Here's the breakdown; even bigger than earth (more room!!), we'd have 13 day weeks (aren't we always crabbing about not having enough time?), and we'd being living in Libra, symbol of balance and harmony! Planetary perfection!

* and we may even have new neighbors when we get there! Whee!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Vulture. Making guilty pleasures indulgently acceptable again! I love social commentaries and the posts populating this new blog are top notch! Enjoy all the television you shouldn't!


A little something dark for Tuesday.

Monday, April 23, 2007


hmm, oh yeah, wee whoo!


* thanks cute overload!

Friday, April 20, 2007

FCF - THE 420 EDT.

Happy 420!

Thursday, April 19, 2007


I must own anything with a Tornado Flush feature!

Laughing uncontrollably at my desk - sorry SRD! But honestly, once that little problem is fixed, I am starting an over seas sales letter writing campaign!


With good blogs going down, I felt a compulsion to check in with some of my favorite other bloggy buds. I am happy to report everyone else is alive and posting.

The Royal Magazine
not a blog, I realize. But still a favorite and only online, so it totally counts in my book!
is busy reminding me that even the most mundane can be classy, fun and accessorized! In response to making me think all things Audrey Hepburn this morning, you can purchase earplugs a la Breakfast at Tiffany's here.

hmm. andrea, I might be with you on having to add these to my accessory repertoire!

c'est bon!
is making me laugh, writing and finding the funniest stuff on the web. Her latest post on Knut (the baby bear in Germany), is a great case of found laughter. And don't miss her post that includes this treasure of a sentence, "My sister is going to be an illegally fighting, scrappy rooster." Nothing short of brilliant.

Les Cadeaux I fell in love with this blog (can you do that? love a virtual good, I mean?) when I read her post on having the courage to make the BIG decisions in life. I must excerpt it here:

9. I went to see Titanic alone, back in 1997. And I didn’t die. And no one pointed and laughed and wondered why I was alone. Now I prefer going to the movies alone, and I also enjoy taking myself out for a meal, just me. Learning how to be alone with yourself is really important, I think. Or maybe it was Oprah who said that. Regardless, it’s totally true.

10. I went to the Bide-a-Wee shelter on 38th street “just to find out what the process is,” in case we wanted to get a dog. Three hours later, me and Miss Tuesday were staring at each other warily in the kitchen of my old apartment. Best spontaneous thing I have ever done, hands down. I’d have said ‘paws down’ but that is too dorky, even for me. Almost.

ETA ETA ETA!!! Eeek, I just realized that I left out two very important Decisions! Forget what I said about the Meg Ryan shag and the InStyle reading and replace them with the following two things:

11. I fired my maid of honor. Sure, this makes me sound like a straight up whack job c*nt bridezilla whorebitch from hell, but trust me when I tell you it was a very good thing...

12. I asked a friend from work if he’d like to hang out over the weekend. He said Okay, we hung out, I asked him to hang out again, we kissed, then some other stuff happened, we got married, and he’s currently sitting in the other room eating a peanut butter sandwich and giving bits of the crust to the dog.

Kanardo, a two headed unit for graphic design
and so much more! Always introducing me to new and fabulous things, I really have to have the swarovski encrusted flash drive! All material goods aside, I now covet the flash codes of bfreeone and the beauty of youaresolastyear!


Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I noticed today that cancer baby, has gone down. With Jessica gone, her family and friends finally made good on her wish that it be removed from the web. While I understand they were respecting her, I feel that those of us in the cancer community have lost something.

Cancer baby,
was a blog of note, a brilliant conversation starter, and a place that really showed what it's like inside the mind of that struggle. It was in short an amazing resource. Her voice and humor, her anger and anguish while now gone, are not forgotten.

Thank you cancer baby.


Understand that perhaps nothing will compare with my love of the design of the last M Coupe. But this is so shiny and new, I had to show her off. Go German!

vroom! vroom!

Sunday, April 15, 2007


How much have you done before 30? The story of my Great Grandparents is both inspiring and mind blowing. Keep in mind all the following took place between 1919 and 1940.

Great Great Grandparents and kids

Great Grandparents Wedding

Great Grandparents getting ready to start work, in China.

last family picnic - what jokers and hams!

traveling cross country to the boat in SF, they visit the Grand Canyon

das boat! (pier 36, San Francisco)


off to be missionaries and teachers in China

spending the long passage deck side!

stopping to see a 75ft Buddha. Kamakura, Japan

how you travel across China in 1920

sometimes you got to take a plane!

the scene of their new life

the caption reads,"Our house on a snowy morning 1927. This property belongs to General Chao who is a general in Feng Yu Huang's Army. We rent it for $22 American Money."

hmm, General Chao perhaps?

visiting the Great Wall, 1922

what's a missionary need a big gun for?

wild pig hunting of course!

my grandpa 2 days old

grandpa a year old in traditional Chinese winter garb

he still gets excited remembering when he got this bike!

growing up and pulling his sisters in a wagon around Ping Ding

During their time abroad, they had 4 children, came back to the states at least 5 times (with all the kids) and were the last missionaries allowed in China under the Red Regime. Amazing.

They also founded the first YMCA's in China and worked with a troupe of traveling actors. My grandfather lived in China until he was 16, at which time he was forced (along with all other Americans) to return back to the states. Here he finished high school and then attended college. He went on to teach Chemistry for over 35 years and still putters about giving out random bits of trivia, playing with his computer (he's had one since 1968) and holding my Grandma's hand when they walk to church.

* see I really do come from a family of photo happy nerds!!


Genius Bar customer, weetiny?

genius? I hope so!

lil' sparky doesn't work anymore.

diagnosis? busted logic board.

the mac genius told me about this fun google map search! NY - Paris

Ha! even funnier is the LA - Paris search. Did you know you can drive across the country in 1 day? If you average 108 mph and never stop to pee!

next customer? the guy who carries his mac book in a t-shirt!

* thanks for all your help J!


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