Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Life in Los Angeles wouldn't be complete without a ride on the breast band wagon. After living here for nearly a decade (next month!) I now consider myself an implant aficionado!

Seems like everyone is buzzing on boobs again. Friends who swore they never would - have, others who used to put them on display, now only see them as functional items for feeding the offspring of their biological clock. Ahh the breast game, so much fuss over things that, like one's appendix, we don't need. That makes sense it's Hollywood, the place that never needs for anything.

With silicone legal again, saline still around for those less adventurous breast enhancers, and of course the latest in boob wear - the adjustable series, our options are endless. But do your research!

First better things are coming - trust me, I have them and they rock. And second in this plastic city it's hard to see the breasts for the bullsh*t.

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