Monday, January 14, 2008


There are dreams and then there are those that make you sit straight up and suck in air. There are those that you try to hang on to, even after you know that this is a, dream. Each time the dream has been a harbinger of things to come. Sometimes however, it takes years. Yes, years.

I have had several life altering dreams. The first was in high school. I dreamed my own funeral. I watched it on a TV screen in a white room. Requisite of the time, all my high school friends were there, family of course, too. I don't remember most of it at this point, but I do remember that I was 25 (when I expired), and that my best friend Jenny was wearing a giant red floppy sun hat. Maybe that is why 25 was always such a marker in my life. I never told anyone about this, but then how does a teenager explain a dream, without sounding melodramatically crazy?

I got sick when I was 25. I think I half expected it. At least some life changing event, (universe, please note, there were other ways of getting my attention). At the same time (real time) came another friend who wears giant floppy sun hats. And I met her through getting sick. Go figure.

More recently I have started to have these in December, 2 years running. In 2006 I wrecked my car and got invited to open up to things, start over, in a dream. I have tried to live up to that, be open, take risks and long walks. In 2007 I dreamed of a magical flying boat. It went over land and cruised through NYC. We ended up flying over a cliff and floating into a field, where everyone on board then had a picnic! Cheers! Go flying boats and all.

I don't know what any of this means, but I am going to go with good things for 2008! And maybe finally learning the lessons from 2007. Resolutions are for sissies, I am sticking with dreams.

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