Thursday, May 29, 2008


Best. Sushi. Ever.

Sit at the bar. Put yourself in Chef Yama's impeccable hands. Relax. Meet your neighbors. Delight at the descriptions the waitress gives for each dish. Order the perfect martini. Eat your little brains out!! Yay!

giant scallop, calm, cucumber with ponzu and 20k gold flake

japanese baby blue fin tuna that was only 10 hours old

halibut 2 ways: with black truffle / salt and lemon
* it is translucent since it was cut from a live fish - did I hear that right? is that even conceivable? hmm.

i cannot remember who lived here!

look at our neighbors face!

Chef Yama at work!

wee, cousin, 2 new friends from Japan

* ps - we had this awesome (martini fueled) discussion on the manhattan project, WWII and how history is taught. only I would attempt that kind of thinking...with 2 perfect strangers!

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