Sunday, June 1, 2008


Yesterday was a closed set, but I had to sneak some photos of the footware!! I cannot even believe who all I got to hangout with, Lanvin, Prada, Rick Owens, Zac Posen, the spread was amazing. I have never seen so much good stuff in one place.

It was an interesting 12 hours. I unpacked, hangered and organized trunks and duffel bags until long after I lost count. Keep Paris separated! Where's the shipment from Milan? Who's doing accessories - because each one of these rings is 15,000.00!

Then of course there was the talent. There was the painfully thin Hollywood actress with the very memorable voice who needed a tampon, and brought her own shoes (which I thought was very cool, since they were fantastic and we were running low on woman's footware). A sprinkling of models floated around like unsettled dust. The conversations I over heard between them, were snippets from the life of the insanely beautiful. Stories about how his sister went to Thailand on a whim, met a guy and fell in love. They are apparently getting married and moving to South Africa next week, to I don't know, surf or something. Um, ok. Words however are not the only area where the insanely beautiful differ from the rest of us. While I was lacing up these House of Holland booties on one of the girls I was face to face with her legs. Her skinny little, hairy legs. That's right, she came to a photo shoot looking like an Amazonian. Now, I only know myself, but if I had a photo shoot, I would spend the whole night beforehand plucking, picking, trimming and shaving.

Then there were the Rockers. The aging ones had their super young girlfriends in tow. The single guys made good conversation and took better care of themselves. All wanted to be dressed. I have never seen that many men, need that much help to pick an outfit. The last to arrive was the main event. Long dark hair, covered in art, tiny little rocker pants, large combat boots, I swear he has a smaller waist than I do. A part of his body he was more than happy to show off. Actually he ran around most of the day undressed. It was um, entertaining.

The stylist we worked with is a friendly acquaintance of mine (how I got the gig), and now I can see why she is so sought after. Long after I would have told the nearly naked rocker with a huge ego and no self confidence to fu*king get a grip, she patiently showed him the Galliano hood again and said for the 200th time, no those pants do not make you look fat. She has the patience of a saint. The good news is that when he needed a 4th change and no one else was around to help, I got to create his 4th look! Yes, me! And while it was soooo much fun to put him in this awesome Thom Browne trench and score this HUGE moonstone and black diamond ring for his digits, dealing with the rest of it is for the birds.

Man is it fun to try on careers! So while I don't think assisting is my next dream, I would love to be invited to be a guest stylist for L'Uomo Vogue any day!

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