Sunday, May 25, 2008


I feel like I am standing knee deep in the batter, clutching a spoon.

All around me things continue to unravel, change and surprise me. Friday after the funeral we had a late family dinner and like a scene from a movie, the waiter dumped an entire bowl of soup down my back and shoulder and into my purse. Then a second waiter brought out desserts for the table. He grinned when he laid down one spoon for me and my cousin and winked while proudly expounding that we could share...! I am not sure if I looked horrified or just burst out laughing, but I finally choked out that this was my cousin. My soup, dessert and drinks were comped.

This same cousin and I had dinner last night since he is still in town and Friday was the first time we had met! Again last night over the best sushi I have ever had (photos to come!), people thought we were romantically linked. What?! I happily report that he is contentedly married with 2 kids in St. Louis, MI.

And finally, (here's to hoping that yesterday was the end of one super crazy week) my ex-boss ran into my ex-boyfriend at a Memorial Day BBQ. They do not run in the same circles. They live on opposite sides of the city. She reported that he looked like he thought this party was supposed to be hipper. Yup, sounds like him.

xoxo, wee

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