Thursday, January 25, 2007


This little guy sits on my boss's desk and looks wee and tiny all day. He used to have a little blue friend (who looked a lot like a poop to be quite honest), that hung out on stage with him. We named the little guy Edward.

Imagine our surprise when we arrived at the office this morning and Edward had gone missing! How does one lose a weetiny, blue, plastic poop!? We each shed a wee tear and settled the frog looking guy (who has no name obviously) in the center of the stage. Then the phone rang and Edward was quite forgotten until just now. So, R.I.P. Edward, you are missed!

Now waving his leaf at no one...


Ed S. said...

Whew!! You can imagine my dismay and then relief when I realized that R.I.P. Edward was for an office toy.

Ed the Stepfather Unit

weetiny said...

you thought I had been reading too much true crime and plotting your demise, again. whaa haa. who says I am not still?