Sunday, January 28, 2007


THE OVERSHARE - also known as too much information, thank you very much (typically a female behavior).

THE OVERTHINK - this is too much information in one's own head, which never reaches conversation (typically male behavior).

THE CIRCLE BACK - when something lost, makes it's inevitable return (good lord, this could be anything).

DISCO NAP - the 1-3 hour, pre going out snooze fest.

this can be a verb or an adjective describing a flatlined or blah feeling. such as "Wow I am so fug" or "I was fuggin' it all day". see how that works?

AMBIGUOUS HORSEPLAY - the behavior exhibited by males, which includes wrestling, arguing, challenging, etc. involving another male co-worker or friend.

CRABS McGEE - being grouchy, but in a non-offensive manner.

CAPT. BUZZ-KILL - the member of the group most likely to: show up late, bitch about the bill, talk about only themselves, and then complain that no one has anything to say. ex. "I thought he was good for a round of cocktails, until he caught a look at Capt. Buzz-Kill here."

FAT BOX - an elevator.

F.O.P. - a fu*king old person. best used for road rage or other equivalent outburst.

SKEEZE - adjuctive, used to describe the unsettling, can't quite put your finger on it feeling you get from certain people. a creepy individual or action.

see skeeze.

an older woman (generally wealthy) who fawns over and paws young guys. overheard at the classic cougar hang out, Hal's Bar in Venice, "This place really brings out the uber cougars, they come down off the hill for the Venice studs."

When someone hijacks a conversation (that they previously were not part of) and makes it all about themselves. Verb; to I-Jack, I-Jacking.

MAN FANCY - Things like the pre-sewn double shirt, the faux hawk and anything distressed (off the rack) are prime examples. People from Montana are not man fancy material, boys in West Hollywood are.

BACHELORETTE - Is the high-rise, tapered, acid-washed, elastic-waisted jean of vocabulary. With a mullet. Under no circumstances should anyone put this word to use. It is here simply to warn you of it's existence, so that when uttered in your presence, you don't say, "What?" and cause it to be uttered again.

Hope this helps!

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