Saturday, January 27, 2007


Burned Body Found on Street in Playa Del Rey
How can this happen? Burning rubbish? Are you kidding? First of all this is LA people! We don't burn our trash in the street here (outside of skid row)! Secondly burning flesh has a very distinct odor. You are not going to get it confused with old nikes, junk mail and yesterday's coffee grounds. I am sorry but you are just not! And how, how, how could she have looked like trash? In the middle of the day? No. I cannot buy...this I cannot swallow.

Thanks Mom for reminding me how crazy this world is, always. And for you, the sweet soul who under no circumstances deserved to be delivered to heaven this way.

UPDATE - Her name was Nicole Harvey, she was 21. The motives behind her death are a mystery. If you have information please contact: Det. Martinez (213) 485-2129. LAPD

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