Monday, February 26, 2007


Moms invited me to see the David Mamet play, Speed the Plow, at the newly renovated Geffen Playhouse. Sweet!

This production ended strongly but opened slow. A bit over written and thus over acted, but still very enjoyable. I found myself contemplating the underlying message (or overlying) during the third act and laughing while tearing up.

The message: When do you become more than your word, more than your friendships and how do you choose to act on this power?

The best lines:

"You can't erase Jesus!"
"You're a whore. You think 'cause you use your legs, you're a Ballerina?"
"I wanted to do good and became foolish."

mom and me. why do I look naked?

the feel good bonus - the house was full! yay LA art support!

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