Friday, July 6, 2007


This morning I arrived at the office only to find myself leaving immediately on a very mundane errand. Already slightly warm the windows of the car were open and I cruised deep into Santa Monica. Upon completion of said frivolous errand I found my car pulling into a fast food establishment. Curses. Sniffing up to the drive thru window I accepted my baggie and took the back way to the office. Lest someone actually see me stuffing my face with a waxy paper wrapped sandwich.

As I followed the road, I made my way through a rather sketchy part of the city. Slowing for a turn, I see two homeless men making a drug deal, right there under one of those messy pepper trees next to a stray shopping cart. Regina Spektor is singing a picture about Summer in the City (Begin to Hope), and it was never so true, as watching two discarded men, meet under the shade of a forgotten tree, next to a 3 wheeled shopping cart, on the side of the freeway, to find hope inside a clear plastic baggie.

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