Sunday, November 25, 2007


This began as a blog post about things uniquely American.

Ask me to capture America on film, I would most likely take you back to 1982 and shoot a portrait of a family in Ohio standing in their front yard. There would be perms, Hawaiian print shirts, cigarettes, and blue eyeshadow aplenty.

Then in typical Generation Y fashion I got bored (read: frustrated) and decided I was deserving of lots of gifts for Chrismukkah. So, nice and early, here is the weetiny approved 2007 Christmukkah list!!

1. Nikon D200
2. Adobe CS3
3. a house for my parents
4. Tiffany Passport cover in Tiffany Blue Patent Leather
5. The Graduate on DVD
6. free car washes for 2008
7. a healthy godson
8. good hair days!
9. Plask W Tretorn Wedge Wellies in White
10. another year cancer free!

* obvs. not is order of importance!

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