Thursday, November 8, 2007


"Prohibition never had anything on exhibition, people were meant to be free." - Gossip Girl

People often ask me how I know so little about so much. I take this as a compliment. I may not be a scholar about Mesopotamian Pottery, and that is because I am too busy observing all the life around me (ed. note - far more interesting!). The fleeting little flashes of other people, places and history. I heart the information superhighway (some day I need to get that on a t-shirt), I listen to passing conversations (hello! I eavesdrop), I look around - a lot (I observe, actually I stare, often into space). Maybe it is because I am an artist and designer. Perhaps it is because I lust for beauty (in some deep primal, lioness on an African plain kind of way). I like to think it is because I am curious like a child, that sounds so much better than, "gets bored easily".

This makes me hard to understand. Often I must seem selfish and self absorbed. Probably because I am (points for honesty welcomed at this point in the presentation)! I am one of those crazy kids that would rack up degree after degree, if my parents were butt ass loaded and could fund my grad school addiction. Alas as they read this (all 4 of them, couldn't at least one of you have buckets of money for me to waste on getting smart?), I know 2 are laughing hysterically, and 2 are double checking that I haven't stolen their bank account number.

So while I scheme on how to fleece dear ol' Dad for grad money and spy on whoever is around, enjoy these wee everyday treasures gleaned from this week's mindless escapist TV watching - a great quote and a new singer/songwriter!

*ps - read Brooke's post on [redacted] - genius!

marie digby "Unfold" - Smallville

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