Sunday, January 6, 2008


Living in LA gives one occasion to star sight. I have seen these two at Sky Bar in the cabanas, I have had dinner one table away at Asia de Cuba. They are always happily with entourage in tow and generally seem normal and even friendly (thanks for the wave Ice). But girlfriend have you no friends? Because no friend would let you out da house lookin' like dat. Period.

* c/o Go Fug Yourself


Anonymous said...

Coco looks absolutely smashing in those tight jeans! Men love it and women are so jealous that they have the need to make bad comments about her! Comon girls, wear pants the way Coco does or just live with the fact that your bf's are drooling over her!

Anonymous said...

Yes Coco looks hot and she is one hell of voluptuous babe.Yes men do drool over her and enjoy her sexy body and attitude.