Thursday, March 27, 2008


Everything needs a little sparkle...birthdays are no exception!

As the sun was settling low on the LA skyline, Sparkles rolled up in her shiny new convertible!

"Nice wheels", Wee mentioned as she slipped into the front passenger seat.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!" Sparkles shouted, showering Wee with a huge hug.

"You too!"

And so our two heros set out into the warm night. "God, there really is nothing better than living in LA on a hot night." Wee mused.

"Unless you have a convertible! Then it's better!"

"Eyes on the road Crazy!"

"What? Oh ya. Ha."

Driving Sunset Blvd as the lights blink on, the girls garner some attention in their chrome car. Music thumps out a euro dance beat that both sing along to and laugh.

"This is perfect girl. A perfect end to a perfect Birthday!"

Finally they find themselves perched on cliff overlooking all of the city below.

"You know, this is the last time it will be like this."


In unison they share, "Thank god!"

"Hey Wee, can you believe how far we've come?" I mean marriages, careers, cars, trips, money - no money, cancer - we've really done it all haven't we? Wee- ha!"

"Funny. Yes we have. And here's to the big bright twinkly future!" Wee mysteriously pulls a chilled bottle of Champagne from her tiny bag. They sip from the bottle and ponder and dream the way girls do.

They head back to the city below after finding the road.

"Oooo, hey! Smile girl - paparazzi!" Wee squeals.

"What? Where? I don't see - " Sparkles wonders aloud.

"Girl just smile! You're famous now!"

"Oh yea!"

Wee shakes her head in wonder at how even ridiculous fame doesn't change her friend. Or their friendship.

* thanks for a great Birthday recap girl! Same time next year? Luv ya! - xoxo, wee

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