Thursday, April 24, 2008


1 -There are cute things in the pbteen catalog. Oy. I think I am drawn to this more out of the fact that the things in it are my size and price range, then the fact that there is something cute coming from mass production. This is what I tell myself.

And what is the deal with the hype around DORM FURNITURE? I remember my dorm being a cinder block, post war blemish of a building, in which I had 100 square feet to split with another human being. Where exactly does one put their cushy lounger chair thingie in that? Also I do believe that this spit of space came complete with 2 desks, a sink, and a set of bunk beds. For the first time in recorded history the top bunk was the losing end of that coin toss. Rules of bed bunk engagement preclude 2 precious things from one's frosh year of college: boys and booze. Beds were de-bunked illegally by October.

2 - What is up with MTV's obsession with a band called Gossip? The girl wears glow in the dark eyeshadow. What am I missing?

3 - This week a co-worker told me if I left the office, who would she be jealous of? (my design skills!! my design skills...I am digging a serious hole over here) It kind of made my week. It was a strange week.

4 - Lesson of the week: Give your opinion only when asked. Is this instinctive to everyone else?

5 - Family. I am off to San Diego tomorrow. There is a unisex, double baby shower taking place at the local Soup Plantation on Saturday for my 2 cousins who are most definitely beating me to the family making punch. In fact it is going to be like family soup...Beware when swimming with sharks.

Who am I? Gossip Girl? XOXO.

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