Sunday, April 27, 2008


Friday was a picturesque day in Southern California (see photos !) The air was blowing warm and sensuous, the waves calling their siren song to surfers and swimmers alike. I stood looking out over the Pacific and relished its beauty and power.

Early that morning tragedy had struck on this same stretch of beach. Retired veterinarian Dave Martin had gone for an early morning training swim, where he was attacked by a large shark. Later it was released that he had died and the shark was indeed a Great White.

Solana Beach was reeling and subdued as I strolled its quiet main street. Signs posted that the beach was closed. Make shift memorials had already started popping up. Shark attacks are unheard of here and thus Dave's death was doubly shocking. What is not shocking however, is the community wide response of support. All the small, upscale beach towns here are remarkably close knit. In one store 2 girls came in to share the news with their friend behind the register, and it turns out they had known his son in high school.

I am also happy to report that even with this great tragedy, we Californian's are maintaining perspective on the situation as a whole. So while the Coast Guard is looking to track the movements of the shark, they are not going to kill it. It was after all just a shark acting like a shark.

David Martin 1942 - 2008

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