Monday, April 14, 2008


Factories can make 5 million roles of toilet paper a day!

You use 20,085 sheets of TP a year, on average.

Men walking on the left side of the woman is indeed chivalrous, it started when chamber pots flung their deposits on to the street. Those on the left had more of a chance of being, um, lambasted by flying poop.

One of the first bath tubs to be heated, was tin and warmed with an open flame underneath. The fact that it melted flesh was not advertised.

Romans invented the pay potty.

Toothbrushes were made of boar hair in the US until WWII, when the boar hair supply dried up. Dupont introduced the nylon toothbrush and saved our toofers.

The Ancient Egyptians invented toothpaste. It was made from ground pumice and fermented vinegar. Um!

The Romans invented mouthwash by recycling, after it was discovered that urine whitened your teeth. Ammonia whitens teeth, urine is full of ammonia and mouthwash is born.

* thanks modern marvels!

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