Monday, June 16, 2008


It was a most interesting trip and while I am glad to be heading back to LA, for the first time I am little sad to go. Since I made a hasty exit 10 years ago from Sacramento I have returned a select handful of times. Each time I came with a purpose, escape cancer, attend a graduation, celebrate a retirement or face a reunion, and I was elated to return to my "new" life. I guess now with LA feeling all topsy turvy, I found solace in the old.

I spent the day visiting old stomping grounds. Wandering downtown with my favorite big leather bag and a white collared shirt, my aviator sunglasses and ipod, I felt impossibly chic and big city. I am a snob. I am aware of this, but not ashamed. How's that for snobby?! I found a playlist on the ipod that was perfect. The day was perfect, so perfect it made my eyes hurt.

In my time here I managed to:

Play parent for the first time

Tell a friend some not so nice, but very honest things

Meet a guy, and go on a first date

Finish a logo design and homepage

Garner a meeting with a headhunter/agent


Hear some sage advice

Face the things that scare me most, bravely

See the beauty in a place I couldn't wait to leave once

Make a very tough decision.

Who knew I could cram so much into such a short span of time?

xoxo, wee

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