Sunday, June 15, 2008


My vacation up north is drawing to a close. I am sitting on the patio sipping a cocktail enjoying the night air in Folsom for the last time. I find myself curious and a little scared of going home. I know that there is a lot of work in front of me. I need a new job. I have discovered what I want that to be - gad! Now I have to create it.

Here I stand, my little feet planted in a firm stance that looks stronger than it feels. Can you feel like a child at 29? Because I do. And I like it. Children are free. They are encouraged to dream. That has inspired me to hang on like hell, to the idea of Dream Big, Live Bigger. I have this one life, make it worth living.

I got to play parent to a little boy today. I am beginning to understand the draw of parenthood. It's fun! Lord only knows what I am supposed to do with that knowledge. Maybe it is just that the things that scare me most, aren't nearly so scary when you have to just do it.

So here I go, into the infinite. Destiny go me wings to fly. Fate give me clear skies. Faith give me courage to ask for what I want and take it! Someone I respect wrote that there is no room in success for passive people. Amen.

30 really is the new 20 isn't it?

xoxo, wee

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