Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I am too tired to dig up the blog post where I listed mine. Lovely.

Everywhere I look these days it seems that I am faced with other people's deal breakers. I over hear conversations about them in the checkout line at the grocery. Even the book I am reading is centered upon them. It's like I fell into a bubble where you can only talk about them. Weird.

But it got my attention. I love playing connect the dots, especially when they are obscure little signs that pop up, things I would have previously ignored. Over here I am learning that in my life, generally they serve as a warning, or preparation for something - since I am so hot on change and all. It's kind of nice actually. Relax, get into it, because it IS going to happen.

As I came home all uppity about them, a friend of mine extolled some more sage advice; deal breakers can change. Things you thought you could never live with, green veggies let's say, suddenly aren't so bad when you fall in love with a chef. Or you find yourself moving, when you swore that this city was IT for you.

Maybe if you are lucky it works both ways. And the chef doesn't mind your wanderlust, even though he is afraid to fly. I'd like to think that if we are paying attention, these are the times when we are being told to go for it! The stars are aligned and the runway is clear. What other sign could we need?

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