Monday, June 2, 2008


At the end of yesterday's all day fashion adventure, someone said, "Hey. You got some sun." Cool, I thought, sunkissed. Until I got home and it looked like I had MADE OUT with Mr. Sun. What had happened? What was this strange sun burn I was sporting?

At several points yesterday I applied sun block. I am kind of a freak about sun exposure. So what went wrong, I wondered as I sipped a glass of wine and soaked in the bath tub. That shit can expire!! Like, within a year. Now, is this more of that knowledge (like offering your unsolicited opinion) that everyone else knows but somehow I missed?

Anyhow kids, as you run along into the sun shine, BUY NEW SUN SCREEN. Trust me, your forearms will thank you.

xoxo, wee

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