Monday, June 9, 2008


Recently a very good friend asked me to make a list of the things I want from life. I couldn't do it. Call me the ultimate commitment phobe. I've had it. Who cares if I don't get it right. I am making a damn list. Here goes:

1. Be happy.

2. Stop hiding from life. (this blog doesn't show all the nights I hide on my couch and watch too much of the history channel)

3. Make stuff.

4. Be fearless.

5. Fall in love, get married and figure out what a family is going to mean for me. (oh so girly, I know)

6. Make friends for life.

7. Be humble, and strong.

8. Own a house.

9. Own a vacation spot - no I do not want to own an island! But how do I know if it will be a hut on the beach or tee-pee in the woods?

10. Make living the priority everyday. (that means things like this blog, my art stay at the top of the to do list and I don't keep doing things that I don't like! or that stress me out)

* I have 3 really great women in my life to thank for all this clairity - D, K and Sparkles. who knew ladies, who knew? thank you for all your wisdom and leading by example. I'm coming!

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