Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The following is from the Let's Drink (there was an entirely unrelated almost natural disaster) email chain:

Wee: ...'ll try him when I get myself a phone that fu*king works.

Dixie: Franks!

Hench Girl: LET'S GO DRINKING!!!!!!!!!! Natural disasters lead me to drink, what can I say?

WBH(wnm): D & I are good but the cat's started bouncing off the walls like a pinball machine played by Dolly Partons breasts which makes me want to have more earthquakes.

Damnit: Everything is cool here. My toothpaste fell over though. The song playing on my iTunes shuffle right now is "you shook me all night long" AC/DC :)

Oh babies! My love for you all is seismic.

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