Sunday, July 20, 2008


I heart these 8 armed (more technical than "tentacle") sea creatures! They are super crafty, and often escape when in captivity. Even though they live in the water, they can survive for periods of time on land. This allows them to go hunting in other fish tanks!

When my father was in college, the biology lab developed an odd problem. Fish, crabs and such started to go missing. Students and teachers alike, could only scratch their heads each morning when they would take inventory and discover yet again, more fish had disappeared. As it turned out, the clever octopus would wait until dark, when the lab had emptied out, then he would slip out of his tank and go on a feeding frenzy! Before class the next day he would return to his tank and no one was the wiser. He was eventually caught in a sting operation! I'd venture to bet he was as shocked to be caught, as the staff was to find the octopus was the culprit.

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