Thursday, November 27, 2008


I spent too much of the day glued to CNN. Mumbai, Thailand...NYC. WTF? I may have had too much to drink tonight, but what is going on? At lunch we discussed literature, the pivotal kind (think Ayn Rand, Vonnegut and Huxley). And how maybe, everything repeats itself or could at any moment.

Is anything so important that you could and would take another life - a selected life? In Mumbai they sought out the British and the Americans. I cannot wrap my head around such hatred. I am sheltered. I am naive. I am American. I love my country.

Does this make me a target?

Every Wednesday we meet at the Hotel Bel Air. We discuss life and our differing politics. We also rehash Gossip Girl and my Hot Neighbor. It's a much needed mid week respite. But tonight was clouded by the events half way around the world. I fear for my friends in that part of the world. I am reconsidering a trip to Thailand, while I visit Hong Kong in the spring. Yes internet I am going to Hong Kong. Please proffer your advice.

I suppose that is off topic. I guess, as I approach my bed, I wonder what is on topic. It must not be reality, because I cannot imagine a place where they shoot you based on your passport. I also cannot believe it is 2:43 in the am. I am truly American.

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