Saturday, November 1, 2008


I've been a lazy blogger lately. I am also totally okay with that. I am getting in tune with all the ebbing and flowing that happens in life and trying to break my own conventions that dictate a rigid set of rules. The letting go is not easy, but I am learning that the payoff can be huge. Today I got to wander around one of my favorite LA only places, experience the first rain of the season, hang out with a fellow artist and a 14 year old. Then I got chauffeured home and fit in a run to the bank, laundry, cooking (whee! she's loose in the kitchen) and some great after-a-late-dinner-conversation. None of this was planned. It just unfolded.

Inspired by the morning and the light, I shot portraits today. Not anything structured, just point and click with my tiny digital. After uploading the days work, I saw that I had captured some rare moments. I wish I could shoot everyone in my life the way I did today. My subjects let me film them unfiltered. They did not pose. I did not ask to snap their photo. And everything went off without a hitch. It was lovely and intensely personal.

More of this please.

xoxo, wee

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