Monday, November 10, 2008


So maybe beer on a Monday night, is a faux pas. Whatever, how often do the planets align that: I get out of work on time & Sparkles happens to be driving home from San Diego at the same time - which puts her at my place when I pull up? I also happen to have beer in the house which is rare. Thus you see, it was kismet.

A few beers and an episode of Gossip Girl later, I have come to the conclusion that Chuck Bass is my future husband (what!?) toast is the perfect food and myspace is the devil. Also fake eyelashes & leather jackets with hoods rule. So I have plans, like a birthday in Brazil or Germany - since 30 is kinda huge, and that maybe not everything needs a plan.

Maybe I have no right to ask the questions plaguing my head, or stressing over a dream that will never be reality. But if I didn't I wouldn't be me. And I like this girl, who can transform into a party ready outfit in 7 minutes flat (including hair) and show up on your door step ready to go. The very same girl can abandon the party for a night in, in 30 seconds flat if you look at her and say, "You know you look beautiful. That is not anything new, I just thought I should remind you. I don't say it enough." Really? That kind of tops the night a guy I didn't really like said, "You are breath taking". Um, check please.

xoxo, wee

ps - Sparkles, to next year! And every year after. I love you girl!! Myspace is the devil.

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