Sunday, December 14, 2008


This year was not polite. It was aggressive, loud, obtuse and painful. It occurs to me however that all growth is this way, all stretchy and yes, you've out grown that sweater - so even though B of A says you cannot get a new one, you had better get on that. No one wants to see you in that old one anymore. So I did my part to stimulate the economy yesterday and trucked home 6 new sweaters (and yes at this point B of A says it is ok!). Part of that was inspired by the fact that until the night before, I had been feeling a tad invisible. Between my crazy work hours and some other as yet undiscovered vibe, I have been tooling around LA like a ghost.

Thursday night I fell into the Sony Music Catalog (thanks K! - y'all it's CD's for everybody this year for Christmas!), and we talked about what the F, has been going on. I sputtered about feeling at a loss for how to shift my horizon. She wondered what had changed for her vivacious little goat friend. We sat like two owls blinking at each other. Finally we called it a draw and I went home.

Well that part is over. O V E R. Bring on the dancing! Bring on the nights with friends! Happy friggin' Holidays! Friday night was a sea of half dressed LA singles at a random hot spot, and I was there giggling in the thick of it. Glory? Maybe not, but boy, was it fun. I danced, I talked, I laughed. I made excuses not to give my number to (forgive me) valley living guys who attend Dance School and middle aged men who dance like a dream. No seriously, this one guy was on fire and the man was the Master of his feet. I just didn't really see myself wanting him to master me. Gack.

I survived 2008. Can I get that on a t-shirt?

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