Thursday, January 22, 2009


My freshman year of college there was this guy. Todd. He played Lacrosse (kind of the hockey of grass - it's violent and uses sticks, boys love it.) Anyway, we had psych 101 together. During one early morning class Todd was seated behind me, Tara and CJ. Every so often my chair got bumped. But not in the funny or clever flirty way. In the super-effing-annoying-what-the-fuck-are-you-doing way. Finally I spun and hissed "What up Todd?" His response? "I lost my thong under your chair."

From there on out we had an expression for Todd, The guy who has 2 brain cells and one is chasing the other.

Somehow that was relevant to the story I wanted to tell about Family Cruises in the 1980's after I found this:

We were BIG cruisers in the 1980's. When you think about it, that is kind of the quintessential 80's vacation. A floating monstrosity of indulgence that houses a multitude of fashion disasters and heinous hair moments. Lucky for all of you the family photos are at my parents place, we have some doozies. Me at 7 sporting white leggins, an oversized sweatshirt of neon paint splatters and rhinestones. My grandmother had it custom made. Gads.

As a kid cruises are great! Your parents cannot lose you, you're on a boat. You're loose! You are free to wander into the casino and disrupt all manner of games, hang out with the ladies at the salon and leave for dinner looking like a streetwalker! You can stay up late and run in the halls and sneak into the adult revue show! Now add in a flaming dessert and it was my 7 year old heaven. Did I mention my murphy bed? Awesome.


das boat

the capt. (we have photos with this man)

On a random side note I have been listening to Joshua Radin tonight and what happened to this guy? The man who started a song with "What if you could wish me away?", but all the newish stuff from him, sounds like the cheesy, pop industry replicant of him. What gives bud?

*all that and no cruise story? 'fraid so.

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