Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Late last week I was tagged on Facebook (by just about everyone - thanks). It was my duty to provide 25 random facts about myself. If you are my friend on Facebook then you already know that I barely use the thing. It serves to facilitate my love of spying on people from my present and past. Oh. I guess that brings us to number one.

1. I like to spy. Your medicine cabinet is my treasure chest. If you have a problem with that, don't let me pee at your house (rude) or don't invite me over (which I totally understand).

2. 23. The best number ever. In numerology it is The Royal Star of the Lion (very fortunate) and mathematically, it's the number of chaos. Awesome.

3. I love words. I have the soul of a writer, but not the patience.

4. Anything delivered to the office. Flowers. Lunch. Goldfish. I heart deliveries!

5. I hate people who are rude, fishy, cold or boring. Say something when I meet you!

6. I listen to pop music. I watch gossip girl. I am nearly 30.

7. At one point in my life I did not understand The Orange. Why eat an orange when there are clementines? Why drink orange juice when there is tangerine juice? I even disliked the color. I am over all that now and happily I LOVE orange and oranges and orange juice.

8. Movies are not a good first date idea with me.

9. I read like it is going out of style. I will read just about anything. But if I decide I don't like it, I'll never go back to it.

10. I love to grocery shop!

11. I have a slightly photographic memory.

12. If I ever have a dog, they are NOT allowed in the bed. Or kids for that matter.

13. Listening to the same song over and over is a habit.

14. What I did before the internet, I have no idea.

15. To play the cello again is a goal.

16. There is not a day that I don't remember that I had cancer.

17. My freshman year of college I got so drunk, I walked off a second story balcony and got stuck in a tree. It took 2 hours to get me out. The next morning when I walked into the cafeteria, everyone clapped.

18. I HATE tampon commercials. Seriously, somethings do not need to be advertised.

19. Since I started this job I daily wonder if it is alright to blog about the bathroom. I am all for the courtesy flush, but 4? If that is what it takes - take your ass home! You are sick! Get away from me!!

20. I once had a boyfriend who was afraid of the word thick. THICK!!

21. I am an aries, born in the year of the sheep. That's a lot of legs to master!

22. At one point in my life I had 9 grandparents.

23. Learning to be alone (as an adult) is the best/hardest thing I have had to do.

24. The whole time I have been compiling this list I have been listening to Snow Partol's Crack the Shutters. On repeat.


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