Monday, June 1, 2009


Tonight I ate pasta out of a box, made with only water (it called for milk and butter) out of the one bowl not packed, off of a plastic fork that may or may not have been the previous cat fork, and guess what? It tastes fine. THAT'S HOW MUCH SALT IS IN THERE!

I have reached that point where I cannot believe how many boxes there are and the kitchen is officially the worst room to pack. Nothing fits nicely into a box and there are things like rice and flour in that box, that could cause a hot mess that I CANNOT HANDLE RIGHT NOW. I have to date made 3 trips to Goodwill already and need to go again tomorrow before work. I have shed 4 full bags of books. I have tossed out countless half empty bottles of soap, lotion and things so old they could no longer be identified (why in the hell did I move those a year ago?) I am staring at a stack of cd's that are so not backed up on my mactop, and they might go anyway. Do I really need a full clothing rack of clothes? Plus 6 bins of folded items and a closet full of coats? Holy god let's not talk shoes. Basically, I am over it. Unless someone brings me a delivery of beer, BIG boxes and someone to do the work while I drink the beer.

I hope I love the next place.

For the love of EVERYTHING, please let me love the next place.

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Marlayna said...

Jess, when and where are you moving too?? We have a large black cargo van, if you want some help! Just let me know :-)