Thursday, June 25, 2009


How it started:

It's also wrong of me to admit that I had this album AND still know all the words... the shame... the shame...

What do ya got going on this weekend - wanna fu*k off an entire Sat. and drive to Ventura to kayak at some islands?


I like what you're thinking.


The kayaking went down hard (even after I got so excited that I ran around the office arms flailing, yelling double KAYAK!!) Actually the whole afternoon crashed and burned and culminated with 2 fancy new nick names in honor of our 1970's personas that were born later that night. But THAT is a whole other story. Holy run on sentence Batman.

We did however go sailing instead. Hello! It's whale watching season.

our merry schooner

Charlie's ready!

it was windy and perfect for inflating the sails

Charlie helps

Marlo enjoys the sitting portion

our camera shy Captain

bye boat!

* charter the Bill of Rights

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