Wednesday, July 1, 2009


This is post 898 according to the backend of blogger. Interesting. 3:16 am, also interesting.

I have a rabid mosquito. No, seriously. The kid is on drugs. Serious bug drugs. I first woke up tonight to scratching matching handcuff bites. My elbow itched. What the hell? 3 bites. Red puffy bites. That is f*cked up. I lie in stealth and read, waiting for his return. No dice. Seen but unsquished.

I give up. Phone rings.

Disturbing crank call that I listened to for far too long. Now I am super awake and cruising the internet in frustration. And you know what? The f*cker bit me AGAIN. On the toe. I looked down and there he be, sucking away and waving. Then he buzzed off. I was too stunned to swat.

I didn't even feel it. That is not right. How the hell else are you supposed to kill them if they can bite you unannounced at 3 am?

I cry foul! And something has got to be done about these guys. How do you mosquito proof a house with industrial push windows and no screens?

signed, West Nile Anyone?

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Tallulah said...

I don't like it. I don't like it at all. (You didn't tell me about the toe! The audacity! The nerve!)