Monday, July 27, 2009


First: ATT thanks for finally getting my wireless internet situation resolved. I will pay you now.

So a while back a couple of friends of mine introduced me to the TV based guilty pleasure that is (the fact that it is still on means I am not alone in my fascination, and it is okay to blog my shame), The Bachelorette. When Gossip Girl is in reruns I randomly tune in to this train wreck. Fast forward to tonight, I had errands people - important ones, like buying clothes and toilet paper and spray on sunblock, so I missed the finale. Which is alright since I knew [redacted] would be on point - LIVE BLOGGING. I am in love with Dan and Brooke. Here's why:

8:22 Dan: Yikes. Dad asks “Are you in love with Jill?” and Kiptyn responds, “I’m getting there.” It’s not like he asked, “Are you almost done remodeling the kitchen?” Just say yes.

8:45 Brooke: It's pretty pitiful. He's like the representative for every guy that couldn't get it up and asked for a second chance. That's how you know it's not reality. Cause in real life, those guys are branded impotent for life. And then you tell your friends.

Seriously, Brooke is completely on target. That is a night out where over shots of tequila you share with the girls - he was too drunk, right? And they order another round and say, "Girl, have you ever been too drunk?"

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