Friday, January 15, 2010


I love career news from friends! Congrats P! When you get your Oscar invite you know who your date is!

Marc Forster is attached to direct "The Chancellor Manuscript" for Paramount. The studio -- which paid a rich $4 million for the Robert Ludlum political thriller in 2005 -- has tapped Peter O'Brien to adapt.

Story centers on Peter Chancellor, who turns in a novel about D.C. power brokers who are blackmailed into altering U.S. policies. When some operatives get hold of the manuscript, they think he has uncovered their actual scheme and try to hunt the author down.

Project, which is being developed as a Leonardo DiCaprio star-ring vehicle, has seen earlier drafts penned by Michael Seitzman and Alessandro Camon.

In recent years, the late Ludlum's thrillers have proven irresistible to studios and big-name talent. Universal, the studio behind Ludlum's "Bourne" franchise, is developing "The Sigma Protocol." And Tom Cruise, Denzel Washington and helmer David Cronenberg are attached to an adaptation of "The Matarese Circle" at MGM.

Douglas Wick is producing "Chancellor Manuscript" alongside DiCaprio. Forster's partner Brad Simpson is also involved in some producing capacity as is Captivate Entertainment, which reps the Ludlum estate.

Forster, whose credits include "The Kite Runner," most recently directed the James Bond pic "Quantum of Solace."

O'Brien's credits include the female-driven thriller "Unlocked," which garnered buzz and made the 2008 Black list. Producers Georgina Townsley and Lorenzo di Bonaventura are teaming to put that project together. O'Brien is also writing the game story for the Microsoft game "Halo: Reach."

c/o of Variety


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