Monday, October 8, 2007


Yesterday was a pretty amazing day. I headed out in the morning with Mom for The Brewery Art Walk,(The Brew is this super cool artist community outside Downtown LA in, what else, an old brewery). I was beginning to think that it had happened, that I had become an art snob. Years of school, my own repressed fine art creativity all culminating right there with Mom. I was unmoved by everything. I was polite as these artists opened their homes and studios but I saw nothing that made me giddy.

Then whilst fending off a panic attack (apropos of nothing) I came upon Jason Eoff. I immediately relaxed. I petted the kitty. I stood in his space and just breathed in the dusty smells, mixed with window cleaner and kitty, and knew all was not lost. There on the floor, leaning against a piano was something pink and shiny.

I couldn't walk away. I was enamored. It looked like cancer. But fun, not harmful, just plain old cancer. How cancer would look if it wasn't trying to kill you and could be your friend instead. We were fated to be together I guess you could say. Lucky for me the artist saw it that way too! So welcome home SummerSong II!

you know I love the pink and shiny!!

summersong II

the lovely artist himself!

* ps Jason you are soooo on a payment plan - don't even try!

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