Monday, November 19, 2007


Driving home I heard a disturbing report on NPR about how Americans don't read! Only 38 percent of adults said they spent time reading a book for pleasure the previous day in 2006. I cannot imagine not reading. So to inspire my fellow Americans, here are the last 2 books I read and found quite enjoyable (for very different reasons):

Moloka'i - Beautifully crafted (I had to periodically remind myself it was penned by a man), deeply emotional and set in Hawaii, it is the story of Rachel, who at 6 years old is taken from her family and banished to a leper colony. This made my cousin's Hawaiian themed Bat Mitzvah quite hilarious when I looked over and saw all the old folks were seated at the Molokai table. I heart my super reform Jewish family!

Chosen by a Horse
- About horses obvs. but also about how change comes into our lives in strange ways. This book actually made me sob at the end, great heaving, feels so bad it feels good sobs. I have no idea the last time a movie made me do that.

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