Monday, November 19, 2007


I don't know if it was the brain fuzzing 2 hour drive to get there, or being overwhelmed by seeing an old friend, or karmic curiosity but I got saddled with the mother of all bad meals. And it's all my own damn fault.

Our menu: hamachi with daikon (stinky and too thick), duck prosciutto with fig (bacon would be a more apt description), pork ravioli (raw and better classified as dumplings), coffee mousse (with 2 items for desert, they still managed to get it wrong and presented us with green tea pistachio mousse which tasted like, hay. Cold, goopy hay.)

Is it over doing it to mention my annoyance with the pork heavy menu as a whole? Which was supplemented by our waiter informing me that the roasted chicken was gone. Hello!? How does a restaurant run out of their one chicken item? I know this is causing a few of you to laugh heartily, for you know I've not much love for the chicken. But honestly, how can a menu boasting only 7 items have 2 of them as pork (and no steak!!)? Some of us are Jewish man! Even if it is by proxy. Let's not get bogged down with the details.

In short, avoid this place. Unless you just want wine.

meet Clementine!

ahem, do not eat here

too shy, shy!

*ps the company rocked! Thanks for a super bad meal P!

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