Sunday, December 23, 2007


2 nights ago I was having a super-after-our-bed-time conversation with Mom and she tackled me and my not-making-an-ass-of-myself issue. It kind of leveled me. She reminded me of the night she came home and found me in bed with my high school boyfriend - dead ass asleep, with all our clothes on. We had a good laugh about that and I told her some stuff (super boring and not of the yeah-we-totally-did-it-and-then-got-dressed-again variety), and then she said, "I know. You never drank because there was no way you would throw up in front of people. You wouldn't drive because you didn't want to learn stick and get it wrong first and gasp, have other people see. You had to be perfect." There was me sitting open mouthed and slightly scared of my uber perceptive mother, on the couch.

* this is an excerpt from a much longer post that sits in my drafts folder titled, "unfinished"

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