Sunday, December 16, 2007


Last night I had this amazing dream about dishes. Yes, those things in your cabinets. They were stark white and shiny, but the handles of the tea cups and serving dishes were all arms and legs! I woke up and went straight to the kitchen only to be disappointed that I had dreamed them up. They were, so cool.

Sunday mornings are often the only time I have to check in with the blogs I love. Imagine my surprise when over at DesignersBlock I spotted this half way down the page! Pfft!

All of this comes from an egg that is giving me fits this week. On Thursday I developed what looks like an egg shoved under the skin on my right wrist. After 3 days with this thing, last night I was convinced it was cancerous (not just a strange reaction to a bug bite I may or may not have gotten Wed. night) and spent the hour before bed researching metastatic bone cancer. Life after cancer as a designer = dreams about leggy dishware.

This morning it seems the universe is having a good laugh with me. It has also inspired me to sketch out my dishes in the hopes that one day I can make them! Guess it must not be cancer!

xoxo, wee

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