Sunday, December 9, 2007


I am starting a new section - the How To Do Stuff Like Wee section! Lately everyone seems to want cooking tips. In honor of my California roots I thought I would start with Guacamole! All the ingredients can be found at Whole Foods or a local farmer's market. Note: this contains a lot of raw garlic, make and eat at the risk of your comapnions! He he!!!

one Haas avocado
some onion or shallot

a bit of crushed red pepper flake

3 garlic cloves

10 cherry tomatoes

1/2 jalapeño

lemon juice

plain yogurt or creme fraiche

mexican spices

collect all your ingredients, one large bowl, fork, small bowl (for trash), large knife

clear your work space

look my garlic sprouted! no matter

finely mince the garlic, it will become fluffy

next coarse chop the jalapeño (for less heat seed first)

now coarse chop your onion (I used a shallot because that's what I had)

for size comparison

time to quarter the tomatoes (you can cut smaller if you prefer)

dust with the mexican spices

I use this kind (it's great with lime juice on melon!!)

all in the bowl (don't forget the red pepper flake)

now slice the avocado and remove the pit -- do NOT discard

cut the flesh into small squares and add to the bowl

take your fork and mash, mash, mash (it will remain chunky, for a smoother texture mash avocado separately then combine with the other ingredients)

add creme fraiche or yogurt to improve the creaminess

creme fraiche can be overpowering, add slowly, taste often

you can see the chunky texture

finally, dress with a dash of lemon juice and add the pit to keep from going brown

serve with chips or pita

throw out the small bowl of trash and you are finished! Now enjoy!

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